” King of Clay” Real Madrid a tough chores. Win by playing all nine consecutive shots and not conceding to 8 shots ( of all items) by the White Raiders to beat Espanyol 1-0 Mallorca sbobet thai had 8 teams in the match . first

This game Real Madrid have Raphael Varane to Sami Khedira is injured Gareth Bale , the Welsh national team star . The world’s most expensive player , currently . A left thigh muscle injury , but Fabio Coen JS Wing back sbo broke the Portuguese national team . Acquitted flat return to the team.

Position Goalkeeper enable Iker DC Hoyas team down the pole instead of Diego Lopez in the middle put Xabi Alonso, R. Sears, E. Yarra ME Andy and Fabian . Di Maria synergies . The three coordinated attack using Cicero Jorge Rodriguez , East Chicago sbo and Cristiano Ronaldo Ronaldo hunt down the nets .

The “fucking parrot ” S. Espanyol team 8 of La Liga no David Lopez Silva , also hurt by the offensive line to Alejandro Fernandez Fernandez , Luis Cruz spoke . and Gabriel Torres statue Agency supports Sergio Garcia shot sbo high speed scoring .

Opening game of the first half came just seven minutes White King was out the door quickly Xabi Alonso through ball from Danny himself to Jorge Sebastian Rodriguez striker slipped into the penalty area before shooting through hydropower. Francisco S. Ghazi grandmother sbo outposts Espanyol . Connect the antenna to help Real Madrid led 1-0 early .

Past 22 minutes, Real Madrid has to win over Fabio Coen Stroud filler game up before flowing to Cristiano Ronaldo Ronaldo sbo fell into the penalty area on the left before trigger Joseph Francis . Cisco Legacy grandmother Goalkeeper Away .

The game lasted about 33 minutes White King proceeded to invade unilateral East Chicago gave the ball to Angel Di Maria sbo sought to pull the trigger from outside the box , but this time Francis Theater Silla fell . round out the possibility

Final minute of the first half Espanyol Espanyol to win some Sergio Garcia taken it to spin Lizzie sbo volleyball with a right in the penalty over the bar to the win all the same. Real Madrid led the first half 1-0.

Into the second half Espanyol Espanyol turns out John Cordoba to play on the offensive line instead of Gabriel Torres Agency sbo game of King of Clay has superior East Nightclub taken on . Cristiano Ronaldo Ronaldo scored with a left hand of Francis Theater Silla in the 47th minute .

Go up by 54 minutes , Real Madrid to win the Jose Quesada taken to Cristiano Ronaldo Ronaldo sbo beat the ball slipped right out.

65 minutes to cross the White King again Di Maria corner to Sergio Ramos sbo insert shot with the left not eliminated.

The game 71 minutes home win consistently Xavi Alonso taken to Jorge Jose fired right not eliminated sbo two minutes later Real to win by a stroke Xabi Alonso shot with the ball not. the framework

For the rest , the teams do not have to finish the game , Real Madrid won 1-0 at home include two shots Real Madrid sbo through the semifinals with a score of 2-0 to meet with . win between . Madrid or แat . Bilbao in the semi-final .