Best of the Best ! Mack Betty Bowman were the real of Everton not offend myself slogans Liverpool on the back for raising money to help children aged 4 years old, the ill and could die if not operated sbobet. in this work , the disciples “Taffy Blue” and ” The Cop ” and praised the sacrifice was tremendous.

Man , do I give Mack Betty Bowman Football Fanatic ‘s Everton club in the Premier League refused to invest taking back a ” Youville Neversoft Walk Alone ” (You ll Never. Walk Alone) motto “Reds ” Liverpool sbobet common enemy city. Help raise funds for little kids dying .

A hard-core of fans . “Taffy Blue” investment operations displease myself too. To raise funds , but to raise money to help Little George Johnson, age 4 years old, suffering from a strange digestive system is not working sbobet and need to travel to the U.S. for surgery with medical experts in this field.

Bowman , who holds the season for Everton over 15 years open mind about a common enemy city ‘s motto . ” I thought I was doing something different . And it makes people very interesting . I thought about walking or marathon sbobet thai , but then I realized that I need a tattoo to promote the patient’s symptoms , as well as George ” .

Meanwhile, Bowman admitted that felt awkward not to sentence a classic by fans on the Kop “I’m a fan of Everton . Of course, it is for the Everton fans are bitter with me very angry sbobet half red of Liverpool , I love to hate them. I now have the slogan of Liverpool in the back of me. Imagine you’re at it , how sad for me. ”

“I ‘m anxious about this tattoo really say a lot more than I think it will decide to do this. But the reaction expressed by both Everton and Liverpool football fans , it’s great too. They know the reason for what I do, sbobet , and they think it’s a good idea exaggerations ” .

In addition, Bowman insists he will not show this tattoo in gamer Seaside derby match on Tuesday, January 28 sbobet ( local time), of course, “I will put Everton . all-time No one could see the tattoo on my back for sure. ”

Meanwhile, the disciples “Taffy Blue ” is actually a 26-year old revealed that he decided this before I met Sonny Johnson said. “I have found the story of our first videotaped via Facebook. He was a brave boy and a good kid sbobet lot. Then I read a story about what he has come through . It makes me sad Specifically , I have a son Age around the same time with him. ”

” I knew I had to take anything about Liverpool. And raise money for George to George , I just want to find the answers to everything in 4 year old children deserve. If they can accomplish sbobet tattoo is something even more valuable , “Bowman stated .